Evening Outside

Henley and I spent a fun evening outside, just the two of us, with the chickens and Bo.  Yes, we have chickens at our house.  Not our birds but Henley wishes they were!  She loves to watch them wander through our yard and tries to chase them as they peck their way around our blanket.IMG_2798

She’s still my camera-loving baby and is happy to pose anytime I get it out!IMG_2816

In the last week she’s started fake-laughing at basically anything.  I get a lot of fake-pity-laughs during the day.  Apparently she doesn’t really think I’m funny.IMG_2817

This is a picture of one of those fleeting moments when she sits still enough for a kiss…She is a mover and way too busy getting into EVERYTHING to be snuggled.  But we love her, and have learned how to keep her out of the most important things.


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