Feeding Henley

Miss Henley is slowly–oh so slowly–learning to eat solid foods.  Last week she loved squishing and licking sweet potatoes from her fingertips; this week she won’t touch ’em.  Two days ago she chugged an entire packet of apple/pear/carrot sauce in a couple of hours; today she purses her lips and shakes her fists when I try to give it to her.  The foods I can consistently get down her little throat are: milk (of course!), mashed potatoes, cheerios–but only if she feeds herself, crackers, bread, yogurt, and anything sweet.  As of today, she is cut off from anything sugary, including honey nut cheerios, until we get some veggies and fruits to be eaten on a regular basis.  Oh, and she loves meat.  Like looooooooves it.  She gnawed on a piece of steak for a good twenty minutes while I cleaned house.  Ty is so proud of his meat-eating cowgirl.



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