Enjoy the View

Been meaning to share this photo of a mama and her baby showing us their “best side” for three months.  Talk about tardiness!IMG_2500This pictures sums up trailing cows from my perspective.  Due to my limited ability on a horse, I don’t help gather the cows.  I mean, I go and ride with the cowboys, but I can’t make my horse or the cows go where they are supposed to go.  Typically, I hang back, fill a hole, and wait for the herd to be gathered and moving in the right direction, then I fall into line at the rear of the company and keep the cows moving forward.  I see a lot of cow-butts, which I honestly prefer to cow-faces!  If a cow turns to look at me, chances are she is thinking of running off and as I’m fairly powerless to stop her this scenario scares me.  Mr. Rancher always says “just kick your horse!  He knows what to do!”

Yeah?  Well I don’t!  And “kicking my horse” leads to riding my horse at a faster pace than a walk which leads to serious discomfort in my bum.  Someday I’ll be more help…



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