Late Nights, Early Mornings

These kinds of nights…IMG_2745Invariably lead to these kinds of days.  The above picture was taken at 10:45 PM.  The below picture at 9:25 AM.
IMG_2751Miss Henley has discovered her ability to pull herself up by the bumper pads in her crib.  As happy as I am for her to be growing up and learning new skills, I really wish she was stuck lying on her back or belly for a few more months!  I’m not ready to have a climbing baby who refuses to go to bed.  And I’m not ready for a baby who goes to be after 11:00 and wakes up at 7:00!

Henley seems to be under the misconception that incredibly awesome things are happening while she sleeps.  Heaven forbid I eat a bowl of cereal without her.  Or take a shower.  Or make my bed.  Or wash the dishes.  Or just sit on the couch and enjoy a few moments to myself.

On the plus side, she does sleep the whole night through.  Hallelujah.  I’m constantly amazed by the truly pivotal nature of the simplest things.  For example, a solid six-hour stretch of sleep can transform a haggard, exhausted mama, into an incredibly capable woman.  Another example, taking a shower in the peace and quiet time that ensues during a nap is vastly more relaxing than listening to the baby squawk as you hurriedly shampoo, lather, shave, and rinse off.  I’m tellin’ ya, the main thing I want as a mama (and I’m so hoping other mothers feel the same!) is to be able to complete basic daily hygiene tasks without a baby in tow.

And sleep.  Mothers could always use more sleep.


A Word about Pinterest

I’m not much for online ranting, but I just have to tell you how I feel about Pinterest.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Pinterest as much as the next person.  So many of the projects, workout programs, and recipes look awesome and inspire me to try new things.  Right there with my love of Pinterest though is a certain degree of annoyance.  Just today I’ve seen projects saying “have some old drawers lying around, make this awesome book-shelf!”

Who has drawers just lying around???

Who has drawers just lying around that aren’t being used???

Who has drawers just lying around that are nice enough to be re-purposed into something presentable???

Seriously, who are these people?!  A few of the projects I’ve seen pinned would cost me more money to find the crappy, beat-up, old piece of furniture and the tools needed to re-make it than it would to buy a similar, rustic-looking piece online.  It makes me laugh when I see pins that promise to be “so easy” and “affordable.”  Ain’t nobody got time for that!

And this, my friends, is largely why my house is not decorated with all sorts of cutsey things.  I haven’t got the patience, darn it!

(Or a supply of junk that can be re-purposed.)

I still love ya, Pinterest, it’s just that sometimes you make me laugh.

Glasses for the Baby

Henley the Diva says “hi!”


I don’t usually buy stuff like this.  And by stuff I mean things that are cute but not practical…but these baby sunglasses were too stinkin’ cute to pass up!  And surprise surprise, she actually keeps them on.


Plus, she likes to see herself in the mirror, I suppose she must be confused by the funny plastic over her eyes.


Don’t mind the grimy mirror, it’s just dirty with baby prints and kisses.  We sing songs and play patty-cake with the “baby in the mirror.”


Henley is learning all sorts of tricks, clapping, kissing, and waving!IMG_2739

I just can’t get enough of this sweetie.IMG_2740

That is, I can’t get enough of her most of the time.  When she puked all across my face two hours ago I was ready to ship her off to ride with her dad in the swather.  Such a disgusting feeling to have curdled, half-digested milk splatter my forehead, drip down my eyebrows, slide down my nose, and very nearly spill into my mouth.


It’s a good thing she’s cute.

Daddy Daughter Love

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it some more (rhyme alert!) this girl loves her dad.  If Ty looks at her and she laughs.  If he is not paying attention she claps.  If he is talking to her she coos and squeals back to him.  They’re quite the pair of goons together.  Ty is determined to master the art of walking with Henley standing in his hand…cue gasps and worried grasps from me.  I’m convinced they will give me a heart attack one of these days.

Worry aside, I love getting pictures of these two just chillin’ together.  IMG_2722

Henley is a vastly more willing photography subject than her father.

He heard the shutter click and told her “just ignore it, Henley.  She’ll quit eventually.”  Hee hee.  I love taking his picture.  Mostly because he hates it so much.IMG_2725

See her little hand on the collar of his sweatshirt?  She’s learned to hang on for dear life when her daddy is holding her.
IMG_2726Little Henley is missing her dad this week.  Now that the rain has stopped, Mr. Rancher has hay to cut and bale, fence to build, and cows to move.  His summer hours involve five o’clock mornings and eleven o’clock evenings.  Since Henley does not deign to grace us with her presence until nine or ten AM, she misses out seeing him in the morning although she is often still awake when he comes home.  Even when I put her to bed around nine, she sleeps for twenty minutes then is ready to play again…stinker.  She must want to see Ty when he gets home.

Enjoy the View

Been meaning to share this photo of a mama and her baby showing us their “best side” for three months.  Talk about tardiness!IMG_2500This pictures sums up trailing cows from my perspective.  Due to my limited ability on a horse, I don’t help gather the cows.  I mean, I go and ride with the cowboys, but I can’t make my horse or the cows go where they are supposed to go.  Typically, I hang back, fill a hole, and wait for the herd to be gathered and moving in the right direction, then I fall into line at the rear of the company and keep the cows moving forward.  I see a lot of cow-butts, which I honestly prefer to cow-faces!  If a cow turns to look at me, chances are she is thinking of running off and as I’m fairly powerless to stop her this scenario scares me.  Mr. Rancher always says “just kick your horse!  He knows what to do!”

Yeah?  Well I don’t!  And “kicking my horse” leads to riding my horse at a faster pace than a walk which leads to serious discomfort in my bum.  Someday I’ll be more help…