A Girl’s Best Friend

Mr. Bo loves Miss Henley.  He likes to lick her toes, fingers, and cheeks and Henley loves it!IMG_2609

They also enjoy sharing the big denim blanket in the evenings.

IMG_2608And looking off into the distance together.

Henley loves to be outside on her big blanket, watching me or Ty work around the yard.  Bo is happy to babysit and enjoy the comforts of the blanket too!

Our little miss is already an animal-lover…I’m a little nervous to see the various “pets” she brings home in the future.

IMG_2618We’ve been loving the nice spring weather around our house!  Our garden is planted, most of our weeds have been pulled, and our yard is ready for some new grass to be planted.  Henley and I spend most of our mornings in the yard or on a jog/walk.  It’s hard to pass up the sunshine and warm weather we’ve had, plus, Henley is super content when we’re outside.

Hope you’re all having a great weekend!


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