Trip to Baker

Mr. Rancher and I just bought our first 3X3 baler, yay!  Yay…I get to write a very large check for a piece of farm equipment…woohoo.  Large checks aside, we’re stoked to have our own baler now.  Almost have it, we still need to pick it up.  Anyway we made a spur-of-the-moment trip to Baker City, OR, yesterday to sign the papers and pay for the baler, and we did something completely out of character for us.  We actually spent some time in Baker rather than heading straight home.  Believe it or not, Mr. Rancher and I have actually been a few places–other than range land in the middle of nowhere–in our married life.  We really aren’t good at travelling though.  For one thing, we usually travel on business which means we have a goal to accomplish and once it’s done we really just want to go home and relax.  Example one: trip to Kalispell, MT.  We drove to and from Montana, with a four-month-old, in less than 48 hours.  To say that we were stressed on this trip would be a gross understatement.  Our entire livelihood was riding on the outcome of this trip, that coupled with little sleep and a ten-hour drive seriously limited our sightseeing desires.  So we drove to Montana, looked at the ranch, and drove home.  Not much else.

You can imagine my surprise when Ty suggested stopping at a museum in Baker to give Henley a break from riding in the car.  In my mind I was saying “Hallelujah! We’re actually going to do something not related to work!”  Out loud I think I said “Sure, sounds good to me.”  We ended up having a great time walking through the museum, seeing a huge collection of rocks, and taking banned pictures of our baby on the display saddles.



Henley loves her daddy.


Clearly we aren’t the best museum patrons, but hey, Henley looks adorable on that baby saddle.  And she’s balancing all by herself!

DSCN4660Taking selfies while waiting for Mr. Rancher to get us some water to drink, Henley doesn’t understand the concept of selfies yet.


Trailin’ Cows

Look who can already ride her own horse and trail cows!  Miss Henley is a true cowgirl with her own horse and everything.  In the future, I’ll try to get her in a pair of jeans and boots before she goes out to ride.


Henley’s Aunt Melissa was nice enough to give us this little rocking horse, and Ty and I love it.  Henley isn’t too sure about it yet.  I snapped this picture a second before she fell off–don’t worry she fell, rolled, and came up smiling like she’s ready to do it again.  I have a little daredevil on my hands.


She rolls and army crawls anywhere and everywhere she wants to go these days.  Thursday night while I was cooking dinner, she scooted from the living room to the kitchen so quietly that I didn’t notice her until she grabbed my jeans and tried to put them in her mouth.  Everything goes into her mouth these days–toys, blankets, my phone, my food, paper, books, scissors (I’m quickly learning that anything floor level is free game for the little missy), and anybody’s fingers she can reach.

We are loving our little cowgirl.  She certainly keeps us on our toes and gives us plenty to laugh about.  She loves her dad and will smile or laugh for him anytime.  She is quite social and loves going to church where lots and lots of people talk to her.  And she loves to be outside.  Probably because that usually means she’s with her dad or Bo.

She and I have been running a couple days a week and she is a champ.  Now that she is big enough to ride face-forward in her stroller she loves our walks.  She smiles and giggles at the alfalfa fields and cars driving by while I’m huffing and puffing on my very slow jog.  Running while pushing a stroller is much harder than running alone, and being incredibly out of shape doesn’t help anything either.  In fact, I broke out my camera today mostly to put off running just a bit longer.   I just happened to get some really cute pictures as a bonus!  And now that I’ve admitted my procrastination to the whole world, I suppose I should go run…

A Girl’s Best Friend

Mr. Bo loves Miss Henley.  He likes to lick her toes, fingers, and cheeks and Henley loves it!IMG_2609

They also enjoy sharing the big denim blanket in the evenings.

IMG_2608And looking off into the distance together.

Henley loves to be outside on her big blanket, watching me or Ty work around the yard.  Bo is happy to babysit and enjoy the comforts of the blanket too!

Our little miss is already an animal-lover…I’m a little nervous to see the various “pets” she brings home in the future.

IMG_2618We’ve been loving the nice spring weather around our house!  Our garden is planted, most of our weeds have been pulled, and our yard is ready for some new grass to be planted.  Henley and I spend most of our mornings in the yard or on a jog/walk.  It’s hard to pass up the sunshine and warm weather we’ve had, plus, Henley is super content when we’re outside.

Hope you’re all having a great weekend!