Hats for Henley

I’m not much of a hat wearer.  Never have been.  Between my unruly, thick, poofy hair and tendency to be a sweaty monster, hats and I have never gotten along well.  Henley, on the other hand, well she looks fabulous in hats.


Chubby cheeks have never looked so good.


And those eyes!  She is quite possibly the prettiest baby I’ve ever seen (in my completely-objective-third-party-no-personal-interest-in-the-matter opinion, name that movie!).


My favorite part about this hat are the strings I can use to tighten it around her head and the other strings I can use to tie under her chin.  Good luck getting it off, baby girl!


Bad Mama

Henley has the cutest crying face I’ve ever seen.

0330151808And I’m a bad mother who snaps a picture of the distraught infant instead of soothing her…but come on, look at that face.  Furrowed brow, protruding lower lip, scrunched chin, it’s all so perfect!  She gives me this look anytime I take even a second too long to feed her.  As you can probably tell from her bulging cheeks and chins upon double chins, the poor kid is about to starve to death.  Haha.  Gotta love my chunky monkey!



I snapped these photos a few weeks ago and just never got around to sharing them.  I guess I don’t know what to say except that I love the color of the sky and the silhouette of the geese flying away.IMG_2497

I suppose it’s the little, tiny moments like this that make me so grateful for the beautiful place where I live.IMG_2496

And I’m going to lump some other really good news in with these photos: Henley’s heart is doing better!  We visited our cardiologist yesterday and he said that overall things are looking wonderful.  He measured the gradient across her aortic valve and found that it is about five points lower than it was two months ago–ideally, the gradient should be at zero so five points lower is a good improvement.  Her heart muscle is still a bit thick, Dr. Womack said the muscle will be as thick as it needs to be to pump blood through all the valves.  It is possible (and I’m trying really hard to remember it’s only a possibility) that she will outgrow the stenosis and never need another procedure or surgery.  You can bet that all of my fingers and toes are crossed for this possibility!  We will see Dr. Womack again in six months and hopefully things get better and better.  Thanks to all of you for your prayers, we know this is a small miracle and are overwhelmingly grateful to our Heavenly Father.  We’re going to keep praying that her heart heals itself, and maybe, just maybe, it really will.

Have a great weekend, everyone!