Sleeping Like a Baby

What the heck does that phrase mean, sleeping like a baby?  It used to think it meant sleeping peacefully all throughout the night.  Yeah, right.  I've been sleeping like a baby during the last three months of nights and I'm gettin' pretty tired.  Too bad I can't sleep like a baby during the daytime too. … Continue reading Sleeping Like a Baby

Tagging Calves

Now that our cows are finally having their babies, Mr. Rancher has a bit more work to do.  He has to check the cows throughout the day, and sometimes the night, to make sure that all is going well as they deliver their babies.  Once the babies are born, he tags each one with its mother's … Continue reading Tagging Calves

Gopher Trapping

Mr. Rancher and I are farming a new field this year and part of our lease agreement is to trap gophers. Ty, Tanner, Lexcie, and Trayce have set about a hundred traps and within the first 24 hours of trapping the crew caught 40 gophers.  At about $2.00 per tail, gopher trapping could be lucrative … Continue reading Gopher Trapping