Calves of all Colors

We’ve got a full spectrum of colored livestock this year.  While most of our calves were black last year, this year’s crop comes in quite the variety.

We’ve got black ballies.


We’ve got Charolais.


Little darker colored Charolais.


We’ve got red-bodied-white-faced-and-socked babies.


Charolais…Hereford…Gray looking babies.


Red-bodied-white-faced-except-an-eye-patch-and-with-a-skunk-tail babies.


Chocolate brown and a skunk tail.


And finally, some that are all black!

IMG_2235I’ve never seen so many different colors and markings come from a herd of mostly black Angus mothers!  The bull’s looks obviously have a lot to do with how the babies turn out.

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