Tagging Calves

Now that our cows are finally having their babies, Mr. Rancher has a bit more work to do.  He has to check the cows throughout the day, and sometimes the night, to make sure that all is going well as they deliver their babies.  Once the babies are born, he tags each one with its mother’s number so that if baby and mama ever get separated we can pair them back up easily.  Tagging can be a tricky; Mr. Rancher has to chase the calf, catch it, get it on the ground somehow, and snap the tag in its ear all while avoiding the mother and any other cows that come running at the sound of a bawling calf.  As you can imagine, Mr. Bo is not at all useful in this process.  As a result, he gets banished to the feed wagon.


And he puts on his very sad face, attempting to guilt you into asking for his help.

Maybe if he was a touch more obedient, he would get to help!  At his current level of training, it’s best he just hang out on the wagon and let Mr. Rancher get the job done.  This really shows how concerned the cows get when we do any sort of fiddling with their babies.


The cow on the right is not this calf’s mama, but she is just as concerned as the real mother.  See how she lowers her head?  She can hear the calf’s crying and is warning Mr. Rancher to finish his job and leave that little baby alone.


Once Ty stands up to leave, she calms down and goes about her business, licking her nose like it’s no big deal.


Man, I love cows.  They are such herd animals and really look out for each other and the little guys.  It reminds me of a group of moms at the park with their kids.  Each mother takes care of her little ones, and doesn’t worry about the other kiddos, that is until someone gets hurt.  If a munchkin gets hurt on the playground it’s amazing how ALL the moms around rush to the rescue.  It’s seems to be part of our biological make-up to help a crying child.

Apparently it’s part of a cows biological make-up as well.  Hope none of you are offended to have something in common with a female bovine.


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