Wannabe Loggers

My cowboy may be morphing into a logger. He's been spending most of his free time (when he's not hunting for antler sheds) felling trees and chopping firewood along the creek by my in-laws' house.  Henley and I drove down to the creek--pronounced "crick" of course--to get a look at the huge tree Ty and his … Continue reading Wannabe Loggers

Hungry Cows

It's a good things cows are fairly benign creatures.  Can you imagine a hungry herd of, let's say, dogs coming at you like this? After a long, cold night the cows are always happy to see the tractor and feed wagon pull up with bales and bales of hay.  I feel like I am being … Continue reading Hungry Cows

Antler Shed Hunting

January and February are always hard months for Mr. Rancher.  Things are pretty slow before the cows start calving and sometimes he gets a little stir-crazy.  To deal with his boredom, Mr. Rancher has started hunting for deer antler sheds and elk horn sheds. These bull elk were wandering around on the hill just above … Continue reading Antler Shed Hunting


Sometimes, babies get so tired. Sometimes, right in the middle of playtime, babies have to take a nap. Sometimes, babies just arch their heads back, close their sleepy little eyes, and snooze. Okay, my baby is the only one I've ever seen throw her head back and just fall asleep right under her toys!  She … Continue reading Sleepyhead


This is an excerpt from a post on my old blog written about two months ago: Ty and I are adjusting well to parenthood. At least most days. And most nights. Okay, so being parents is a lot harder than we expected, but we love it! I really can't explain how something so wonderful and … Continue reading Parenthood

Si the Horse

I stumbled on this picture while backing up some of my photos from last year.  Side note: I take waaaaaaaaaaaaay too many pictures!  There really is no reasonable explanation for hundreds of snapshots of the same dandelion in my yard, I simply have a  trigger-happy finger when it comes to experimenting with my camera. Anyways...I … Continue reading Si the Horse

Two Months

Henley had her two month check-up yesterday.  She weighs 11 lbs. 12 1/2 oz. and is 23 1/2 in. long.  That puts her in the 52 percentile for weight and the 75 for height.  The poor baby got shots yesterday too.  One oral and three needle pokes.  I asked the nurse to give her Tylenol … Continue reading Two Months

Book Review: My Story

Last week I spent three, anxiety-filled days reading Elizabeth Smart's book entitled My Story.  While it was a fascinating, gripping read, I would not recommend the book to anyone else, particularly anyone with children.  Here's why: 1. Her abduction and following nine months of rape, captivity, indoctrination, and abuse were truly horrible, evil events caused by … Continue reading Book Review: My Story

Going Back to Church

We met with Henley's cardiologist last week and got the official "go ahead" on normal activities.  Dr. Womack said that as long as Henley's heart is doing well, she can be treated just like a normal baby.  Even if she gets sick, she should tolerate it just like other babies without aortic stenosis.  I can't … Continue reading Going Back to Church