Book Review: The Berenstain Bears

This review is of all the Berenstain Bears books in general.  To be brief, these books are awesome.

To be not so brief, these are wonderful books about morals, values, and dealing with a variety of hard things.  The illustrations are very colorful and well done and the writing is detailed enough to make a point but simple enough children can understand what is being said.  Henley loves to look at these books with me and I love reading them to her.  I like how each book is centered on some principle–honesty, forming good habits, health, family relationships–and how artfully the authors teach those principles.  I haven’t read all of the Berenstain Bears’ adventures, but those I have read are wonderful.

I just purchased “Too Much Junk Food” and “The Truth.”  Henley and I read both of them within the first thirty minutes after arriving home from the store.  Such good books!  I would highly encourage any parents out there to actually buy these books for your children’s home library.  I know it can get spendy–believe me, I have a three month old and have already spent too much on literature for her–to buy books for your kiddos and you want to make sure you have quality over quantity.  These books are well-worth the expense.

And I’m not getting paid to promote these stories, I just love them so much!  Have a great Wednesday, enjoy a book with your little ones.


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