Cow Models

As of last week, I am working on getting a close up picture of all our cows.  I’ve downloaded a new cattle record keeping software and it allows me to upload a photo of each one and input data about her breed, calves, vaccinations, and such.  Since I don’t work with these ladies every day like Mr. Rancher, having a photo on hand will come in handy every time he calls to ask me for details about a specific cow.





I love how almost every cow has a bunch of hay dangling from her mouth.  Excuse me for interrupting your breakfast!


Hmmm…posed much?






Oh how I love pictures of mama cows and their babies.


See how proud she looks?  And intimidating.  I think she’s warning me to back away slowly…


Look at that expression!  Cows may not growl or bare their teeth at you, but they have their own way of making their wishes known.


Their faces can be quite expressive, and if that doesn’t work they have no problem charging at the much smaller human holding the camera.  I have yet to be run down by a mother cow but I always try to use my telephoto lens and keep as much distance between myself and the cow as possible.  Especially if she has a new baby.

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