Daddy’s Girl

Little Miss Henley is turning into quite the daddy’s girl.  She had a blast chillin’ in the truck with Dad while I took pictures of the cows.


See the pink blankie on the steering wheel?  Ty has a lot of pink, frilly, and girly things in his future as the father of a sweet baby girl.


And many more pictures as the husband of me!  He might as well suck it up and smile once in a while!


Oh boy.  My child is doomed to have many more experiences like this one.


Baby Henley riding the newest baby calf.


Okay, I have no idea what Mr. Rancher is doing here.  Is he trying to let the mama smell Henley to see that she isn’t dangerous?  Is he herding the calf back to its mother?  Is he feeding my baby to the somewhat suspicious mother cow?


Seriously, what is he doing?!


Smelling to make sure that this is indeed her baby.


A little nuzzle on the bum for comfort.


And now the stink-eye for Mr. Rancher.  “Keep your strange human baby away from my baby!”


“I mean it!”



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