Library Trip

Henley and I took our first trip to the library a few days ago.  The actual trip was pretty uneventful.  Henley slept, I lugged around her carseat, picked out a few children’s books, and one book for me.  Getting back to the car was a bit more of an adventure.  Two hands are simply not sufficient for juggling one, heavy carseat, a wallet, a set of keys, a cell phone that won’t stop ringing, and four books.  Regardless, we made it home and didn’t break or drop anything in the process!

We sat down the same day to read one of the Henley’s books and somehow ended up reading all three.  Henley absolutely loved the books!  I know you’re probably thinking it’s all in my head, but I promise she really did enjoy them.  I propped her up on the couch next to me so that we could both look at the pictures while I read, and she studied each and every page.  She is starting to really focus on objects she finds interesting and those books caught her attention.  Obviously I’m the teensiest bit biased on this subject since I want Henley to love to read as much as I do.  Going to the library was one of my favorite activities as a kid; I would fill my backpack clear full of books to read and speed through all of them in a week’s time.  And one of my favorite things about summertime was the summer reading program put on by the library.  Yes, I really am a nerd.

We’re headed back to the library today to re-stock on children’s books.  I haven’t even cracked mine open yet!  There are only so many hours in the day and I feel a bit guilty if I settle down on the couch to read a book for myself when I have a sink full of dishes and several baskets full of laundry that need my attention.  Snuggling and reading to my baby is a completely different matter though–I don’t feel the least bit guilty.


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