Wannabe Loggers

My cowboy may be morphing into a logger.

He’s been spending most of his free time (when he’s not hunting for antler sheds) felling trees and chopping firewood along the creek by my in-laws’ house.  Henley and I drove down to the creek–pronounced “crick” of course–to get a look at the huge tree Ty and his brothers cut down.


Here he is, as proud as can be.  I’ll admit that I love sharing these experiences with my cowboy; it’s so fun to see him doing something he loves.


I think we’re all set for next winter’s wood.  What do you think?


Cutting down a large tree is one thing, getting it across the creek is a whole ‘nother challenge.


It took the guys a few tries to pull the first half of the trunk over.


Dragging the wood through the creek was the easy part.


Pulling the wood up the bank and through a forest of twigs was a bit trickier.

Baby break!


Henley loved being outside except when the sunlight blasted her little eyes.  I’m thinking she needs a big, floppy hat and some sweet sunglasses in the very near future.

Back to logging: Logger consultation.  How to attach the cables and chains to get the huge, hunk of wood up the bank?  When I snapped this picture I was thinking, “Please stay on that side of the creek…or at least find a log to walk over, and stay dry, please.”


Apparently, Mr. Rancher–who I am seriously considering nicknaming Mountain Man–can’t read my thoughts.  Maybe two seconds later he plunged into the creek, completely soaking his jeans, boots, and socks.  And because I love him so much, I drove all the way home to pick up a clean, dry pair of clothes for my man.  I would love to complain about all the time I spend driving here and there, but I’m pretty sure Ty would still have a million errands for me to run.  If I was really prepared, I would have a spare set of clothes for my whole family in the trunk as well as snacks, water, LA 200, syringes with extra needles, a flashlight, matches, and a can of diesel.  But my trunk isn’t that big.  And I need somewhere to put my groceries.


My last photo before jumping in the car to get clean clothes.  The first half of the trunk, finally on the opposite side of the creek and ready to be sawed into much smaller pieces.




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