Going Back to Church

We met with Henley’s cardiologist last week and got the official “go ahead” on normal activities.  Dr. Womack said that as long as Henley’s heart is doing well, she can be treated just like a normal baby.  Even if she gets sick, she should tolerate it just like other babies without aortic stenosis.  I can’t begin to tell you how relieving it was to hear those words!  I’ve been so worried about Henley getting sick and feeling guilty anytime I take her out of the house.  It’s been good for my sanity to be out and about a bit more but I always have this little rain cloud of worry hanging over me chanting “if she gets sick from all these people, you’re going to feel so terrible!”  You can imagine how annoying that would be.

We chose to celebrate our new-found freedom by going to church as a family for the first time in two months.  Henley got to wear her cute Christmas dress–just a few weeks late–and looked simply adorable.


It’s so much more fun to go to church with Ty rather than by myself!  Henley did pretty well, we sat in the back and halfway through I hand to stand up and bounce the little miss.  As long as I’m not comfortable she seems to be happy.


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