Living with Intention

As I was driving out to help Ty feed the cows today, I heard something on the radio that really resonated with me and my life as of late.  The DJ spoke about the recent passing of her father-in-law and the impact his death has had on her mother-in-law.  This woman has become much more … Continue reading Living with Intention

Book Review: The Berenstain Bears

This review is of all the Berenstain Bears books in general.  To be brief, these books are awesome. To be not so brief, these are wonderful books about morals, values, and dealing with a variety of hard things.  The illustrations are very colorful and well done and the writing is detailed enough to make a … Continue reading Book Review: The Berenstain Bears

Cow Models

As of last week, I am working on getting a close up picture of all our cows.  I've downloaded a new cattle record keeping software and it allows me to upload a photo of each one and input data about her breed, calves, vaccinations, and such.  Since I don't work with these ladies every day … Continue reading Cow Models

Daddy’s Girl

Little Miss Henley is turning into quite the daddy's girl.  She had a blast chillin' in the truck with Dad while I took pictures of the cows. See the pink blankie on the steering wheel?  Ty has a lot of pink, frilly, and girly things in his future as the father of a sweet baby … Continue reading Daddy’s Girl

PJs, Pictures, and Pretty Cows

Henley and I went with Mr. Rancher to feed today.  Not much to say about the experience, but I did get a lot of fun pictures of the morning. Oh, one thing, the first baby calf showed up today!!! We also took a few photos with "flat Megan" my niece's version of "flat Stanley."  Her … Continue reading PJs, Pictures, and Pretty Cows

Library Trip

Henley and I took our first trip to the library a few days ago.  The actual trip was pretty uneventful.  Henley slept, I lugged around her carseat, picked out a few children's books, and one book for me.  Getting back to the car was a bit more of an adventure.  Two hands are simply not … Continue reading Library Trip

What to Call This Photo Winner

Thanks for all of your suggestions for naming this picture!  The winner of the name game is Amanda Watts with "I just pooped my pants."  Can you guess why? I had just gotten Henley out of the bath, all dressed, and snapped this cute picture before she completely blew out a diaper.  We had to … Continue reading What to Call This Photo Winner

Book Review: Financial Peace

Yep, I'm nerdy enough to read Dave Ramsey's book Financial Peace for fun.  I'm that girl.  In my defense, I never really had a chance of escaping Dave's influence, after all my mom forced me to listen to him every day, on our way home from school.  In my tweener years, I seriously despised getting picked up … Continue reading Book Review: Financial Peace