Henley’s First Time Feeding

We took Henley to feed the cows this week.  She did great and I managed to not kill any cows or calves while driving the tractor and holding her.

0122151546Driving the tractor is so much harder with a squirmy baby!  We really had a good time though.  It was nice to get out of the house and help Ty.  I’ve been pretty out of the loop as far as the ranch is concerned–you know pregnant bellies and newborn babies really aren’t conducive to feeding cows or riding horses.0123151016

I feel pretty lucky to be part of a ranching family.  I love that Henley and I can go to work with Ty and that it really takes the whole family to make a ranch work.  Even though Henley can’t be around large groups of people and we have been confined to our home for the past two months, she and I can still help Ty with the cows!  I can’t believe feeding the cows has made me so happy, but I suppose it breaks up the monotony of being stuck at home and makes me feel productive and helpful.  Let’s face it, I am starting to love the cows and (almost) every aspect of caring for them.


10 Reasons I Get Nothing Done

1. Henley’s gotta eat. I’m her personal milk machine and she loves to nurse. Pretty much all day long.
2. Henley likes to be held. This goes hand in hand with nursing. She likes to eat and then snuggle. Eat then snuggle. In her opinion, the hour or so in between feedings should be spent on rocking, singing, cuddling, and talking with her.
3. Henley is so darn cute! Even when I could put her down to play on the floor, I would much rather hold her. I like talking to her and getting those big gummy grins in return. What can I say? I’m a sucker for a good smile.
4. Once I finally get Henley fed, adequately snuggled, and tear myself away from her smile I jump in the shower. Ten whole minutes of time to myself before Henley wakes up and wants to be fed again. Or held. Or she just doesn’t want me to be in the shower.
5. Gotta feed that baby again! And change a diaper or two. Then, if I’m lucky, she’ll take a nap. Yay!
6. What do I do with this free time? Make lunch for myself, brush my teeth, put clothes on, check my email. Then guess what?
7. Time to hold/feed/snuggle/entertain the baby again.
8. Time to adore the darling baby again.
9. Time to cook dinner. Not very easy with a baby in your arms.
10. Time for bed!

Basically, I consider the days when I manage to get myself and Henley both fully clothed to be days of major accomplishment.

Okay, so things aren’t quite this bad…anymore. I guess I’m just realizing that there is no such thing as “quick” anymore. Getting a baby ready to go to town, go feeding, go to the doctor/grandma’s/etc. takes forever. And getting yourself ready takes even longer!

New Home

Here is my new home for online journaling and storytelling.  Thanks to everyone who has been reading my old blog and giving me the encouragement I needed to keep up with telling our story.  I hope you have enjoyed this adventure as much as I have.

Hopefully this new website is easier to navigate and just as interesting to read!